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Maintaining a clean property doesn’t have to be a laborious effort. Get in touch with Fresh Cleaning Services and rest assured that our construction cleaning and other services will be done correctly and to your satisfaction by experts in the field. Read on to find out what we can do for you and how easily adaptable our excellent cleaning is to your specific needs and requirements, all at prices that consistently prove to be among the most affordable in Lake Wylie, SC and the surrounding areas.

We Specialize In 

House Cleaning

House Cleaning

Everyone should be able to relax in a spotless and inviting home. However, with the busy schedule you have, this might seem impossible. Book our janitorial service regularly! We take care of the cleaning and guarantee that every customer is satisfied with how spotless their home space is. 
Janitorial Service

Janitorial Service

Keeping the workplace clean is crucial, and it's good for the health of employees and the public perception of your business. Our commercial cleaning company is prepared to handle large and small commercial properties. With professional help, you can have a cleaner and safer property! Call us now!  
Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Our office cleaning services are second to none, so book us regularly and come to work in a pristine setting. A professionally cleaned office gives off a better impression to clients and business partners, so don't hesitate to hire us as often as you like! Invest in our top-tier office cleaning solutions today!
Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

When did you last clean the appliances? How about the grouts in your bathroom? Our professional deep cleaning is a specialized service that targets inaccessible or underutilized areas. Shelves, cabinets, spaces behind and underneath furniture, and other similar places may fall into this category.
Move-Out Cleaning

Move-Out Cleaning

If you want to leave a favorable impression on your landlord or the next tenants, make the property look as good as possible after you move out. We offer our assistance by performing any cleaning duties necessary to ensure that your vacant property is left in pristine condition. Give us a call now!
Move-In Cleaning

Move-In Cleaning

Have faith that we will thoroughly clean your new home while you are packing, moving, and getting ready to settle in! This is how to get to a spotless area devoid of debris, dust, and spiderwebs. Whenever we move into a new place, we clean it thoroughly. Don't delay and hire our team today!
Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

The health of your home is directly related to the state of its windows, especially regarding dust buildup. Additionally, customers will not understanding if your business has dirty windows despite your best efforts. Trust us to clean your windows thoroughly. Entrust the cleaning task to us for quality results!
Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

When cleaning outdoor surfaces, no matter the type or material, our pressure washing service will come in handy. We can pressure wash various outdoor surfaces, including walls, decks, and fences. This is an excellent method for removing contaminants. What are you waiting for? Book our service right away!
Post-Construction Cleaning

Post-Construction Cleaning

Construction or remodeling projects always end with a thorough cleaning. Make use of our post-construction cleaning services! We have the means to remove dust, dirt, and other pollutants left behind by construction work and any small pieces of debris. Our skilled and trained team can make your life easier! 

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Expect Spotless Results

Using our thorough cleaning service has many advantages. First, you can save time and effort by having professionals handle large or small cleaning duties, complex or straightforward, or time-consuming and labor-intensive. Furthermore, we can provide superior results that will undoubtedly make a difference because of our extensive knowledge of professional techniques and best practices. We at Fresh Cleaning Services take great pride in developing meaningful relationships with our customers by learning about their needs, discussing their priorities, and providing individualized cleaning services to meet their specific standards. Depending on the preferences of our customers, we offer both one-time and ongoing service. With the utmost care and consideration, we clean every one of our client’s properties.

How We Work

All it takes is a quick phone call to schedule an appointment for our thorough cleaning services! We have a reputation for being reliable, hardworking, and punctual. We consistently produce outstanding cleaning results using a systematic procedure and high-quality supplies. There are no snags in the completion of any given to-do list. We place a high value on happy customers.

The Areas We Service

Our goal is to meet the needs of as many customers as possible while always leaving a spotless environment in our wake. All of our services are available to customers in Lake Wylie, SC and the following areas:

  • Tega Cay, SC
  • Fort Mill Town, SC
  • Mount Holly, NC
  • Belmont, NC
  • Pineville Town, NC

Book an appointment with Fresh Cleaning Services today to take advantage of our low-cost yet reliable cleaning services. Always count on us to provide spotless results every time! Contact us now!

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professional cleaning

by Amanda Rhodes on Fresh Cleaning Services
Very Professional and Helpful!

Recently added a garage to our home and was happy with it and all, but was really stressed with all dust and debris around. The remodelers we hired didn't even bother to clean up. Thankfully, we got in touch with these guys right away. Their post-construction cleaning services really saved us a lot. They worked fast and made it easy for us to use our new garage right away. Definitely commendable cleaners!

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